About Us

We've been working with Planswift for a long time. Early on, we recognized the potential that this software had to be one of the best takeoff and estimating solutions for the construction industry. We also recognized that it is challenging for most users to develop the tools needed within the software to maximize its potential.

Believing that the potential was great enough, we put the time in to learn how to develop tools for Planswift at a software developer's level. At first, we developed these tools simply for our own use. As time went on and we continuously improved our tools, we realized that other Planswift users needed them as well. Simply put, we have approached the development of our plugins from the mindset of construction professionals, not software developers. Over 25 years of hands on construction experience and insight has gone in to every detail of all of our plugins.

Easy to UseVirtually No Learning Curve

Our top priority when developing Planswift plugins is to ensure that they are as simple and easy to use as possible. Our systems are straight forward and make sense to construction folks. After a little time of getting familiar with how our systems work, you'll be completely up and running within a day. All of our plugins are organized in the same way, so once you get familiar with how one works, the rest of them will be even easier to learn.

FlexibleCustomize to Fit Your Needs

The construction industry is very complex, and it's important that your estimating tools are flexible enough to customize to the specific way that you build. As former and current construction sub-contractors, general contractors, superintendents and estimators we understand this. All of our Planswift plugin systems are developed with the flexibility that you need to be able to quickly generate material and bid reports that work for you.

VersatileDesigned for All Project Sizes

Over the years, we have done estimating work for all project sizes, complexities and trades. All of our plugins are designed to work as efficiently as possible with even the most complex projects. Over 10 years of using and refining our plugins, any time that we have encountered a situation that our system didn't easily handle we developed and implemented a solution. The result is a tried and tested system that has years of knowledge and experience built into it.

IntuitiveTools That Make Sense

One of the problems that we have experienced with other estimating software that we have used is that the takeoff tools are not flexible enough to be able to fit all project scenarios, resulting in a time consuming process to ensure that all of the details are accounted for in the takeoff. Our Planswift plugins are designed with the flexibility you need and built-in trade specific knowledge. The result is the most intuitive estimating software system available!

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