2021 Craftsman National Residential Building Cost Plugin

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Craftsman has been a trusted source of National Construction Cost Data since 1952.  Now you can have this valuable data at your fingertips with this fast and easy to use plugin!

Select the city closest to your project, choose the building complexity, choose from several finish levels, perform a quick takeoff and instantly generate a detailed residential building cost report that is adjusted for your projects location and can be printed directly out of Planswift.


Quickly and easily develop a detailed residential construction cost report for all of your single family residential projects using accurate pricing that is time tested and adjusted to match each project's location.  This plugin works great for General Contractors, Architects, Appraisers or anyone else that needs to be able to quickly generate accurate project costs for new residential construction.

Whether you're a General Contractor that needs a quick and easy way to generate preliminary or conceptual estimates and project bids for your residential projects, an Architect that needs to create an accurate budget for a client's project or an Appraiser that needs a fast and accurate way to determine the replacement cost of any single family residential building, this plugin is for you.

Until now, construction cost books and databases have been cumbersome and very time consuming to use.  Trying to scan through thousands of items over and over again to get the right costs put together for your project can be overwhelming.  With the Craftsman National Building Cost Plugin you get the benefit of access to all of that data without having to do all of the searching.  Every part of this system is designed to make the estimating process as fast and user friendly as possible!

Import and scale your digital plans, select the city closest to your project, select the project complexity, choose from several finish levels, perform the appropriate square footage takeoffs for your project and print your report right out of Planswift.  It's that simple!

$197.00 per month per computer.

*Contact us for multiple license discounts*