Integrate Planswift with Epicor BisTrack

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If you use Planswift to do your takeoffs and then have to manually key in all of your items into Epicor BisTrack to create a quote, we can help you automate this process.  With the release of our DBLive Planswift plugin, it's now possible to set up an easy to use, working integration between Planswift and BisTrack.


In addition to saving time from having to manually enter all of your takeoff items, you'll also reduce the potential for human error.  We have successfully integrated Planswift with BisTrack for some of our clients, so we understand all of the details that go into setting up a successful integration.  


We can work with you to help get the connection to BisTrack set up, modify your Planswift assemblies to be able to handle the integration, get set up with DBLive to be able to pull in data from BisTrack into your Planswift job prior to printing your reports and creating the Planswift custom report layout that can be printed to Excel and then saved as a .csv file to be imported into BisTrack.  

What makes our integration work so well?  DBLive creates a live connection between your database of items in BisTrack and your takeoff items in your Planswift job.  This ensures that your import file contains the most current data from BisTrack.  There's no need to maintain multiple databases with our process.  We believe that our system is the fastest, most efficient takeoff and estimating process if your company uses BisTrack.


Contact us today to discuss integrating Planswift with Epicor BisTrack! ​