Planswift Training & Tech Support

Planswift is one of the best and most robust programs for doing takeoffs and estimates for the money. However, you are probably realizing it does require a tremendous amount of configuration and setup. That knowledge obviously can only come with daily use of the Planswift program. So, if you are like all other Planswift users, who use it to digitize a set of plans aka “takeoffs” and want to get the most out of the software, then contact us! Most users only use the most basic functions of Planswift because of how difficult and time consuming it is to set it up. We offer Planswift support, training, and consulting.

Planswift Support

As a Planswift user, you probably have experienced from time-to-time issues with Planswift and need immediate assistance. Total Takeoffs, Inc. offers an alternative support solution! You can avoid the frustration of calling the tech department and receiving the prerecorded “we will call you back” message. And sometimes the call back can be days later! Look NO further, Total Takeoffs, Inc. can provide immediate support. We will remotely access your computer and make the necessary fixes quickly so you can get back to completing your takeoffs and estimates.

As the leading 3rd party Planswift consulting company, we can help your company with problems such as:

  • Restoring your backed up data folders
  • Building an assembly
  • Hourly training ($150 per hour - 1 hour minimum)

Planswift Training

If you are a new Planswift user, and the 3 hours of web-based training that came with your license have been exhausted and you want more advanced training with the software, contact us to purchase a block of hours and we can give you additional training.

Total Takeoffs, Inc has the most experienced and knowledgeable Planswift consultants on hand for instant support!

We can handle issues such as:

  • Creating parts
  • Creating Assemblies
  • Creating Drag and Drop Assemblies
  • Importing Plugins
  • Using the advanced properties
  • Using the beam and joist tools

Planswift Consulting

We can remotely access your Planswift system and analyze how you are using the program and can make suggestions to improving and streamlining your estimating process. Maybe it can be something as building you a custom estimate report or a material report or a combination of the two!

We offer 1-on-1 training for the basics or advanced 1-on-1 training. We can show you how to create all different types of assemblies such as:

  • “drag and drop” assemblies
  • Area Assembly
  • Linear Assembly
  • Point Count Assembly
  • Custom Lists
  • Create custom estimate templates
Planswift Plugin Store

We are the best independent Planswift consulting company, specializing in configuring and building custom Planswift plugins.

We offer for sale in our Planswift plugin store, an entire suite of plugins for most trades.

We are the ONLY independent Planswift plugin company that offers you the option to SUBSCRIBE MONTHLY (MONTHLY subscriptions makes it affordable without a long term commitment) or make a single one-time purchase for any of the plugins! This flexible and affordable solution will not break your wallet during the ups and downs that can happen in the construction industry!

Do you need a plugin that is more customized to your building and estimating process, then complete the form with the details and specifications for your customization project!


Total Takeoffs, Inc. can NOT assist NOR provide any support with issues regarding your Planswift account and license, including Planswift crashing, or any other issue(s) with the software.

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