Custom Plugin for Planswift

Have you been using Planswift to do your takeoff and then moving those measurements over to excel to generate your material lists and project bid reports? We develop custom plugins that will handle your entire estimating process all within Planswift! As Planswift consultants, we have worked with several construction companies to develop custom systems within Planswift that handle their entire estimating process with custom assemblies and report layouts.

Our custom plugin clients have told us that as a result of their custom Planswift systems many have reduced their overall estimating time by 50% or more! They have also reported fewer mistakes caused by human error since they are no longer transposing numbers over multiple pieces of software. Take your estimating process to the next level by having a plugin that fits your exact needs!

The vast majority of Planswift users are only scratching the surface of it's potential. While most users are only using the basic takeoff tools to measure plans with, very few are maximizing the potential on the estimating side. We develop custom assemblies and reports that work together to generate all of the reports that you need to complete your estimating process all generated right out of Planswift! With our custom plugins, you can completely eliminate the need to use Excel or other spreadsheet software to generate your estimating reports.

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