Deluxe EIFS Plugin for Planswift

This easy-to-use Planswift Deluxe EIFS Plugin allows you to get the most out of your software, saving time and increasing accuracy. If you can use the standard takeoff tools in Planswift, you can use this plugin. The plugin includes intuitive smart assemblies that will generate detailed material reports as well as a complete & detailed project bid report, all with a single takeoff! This plugin is ideal for all project types, complexities and sizes and is designed for residential and commercial projects.

The fastest way to perform any takeoff is using the assembly approach. That is, capturing all material and/ or labor items that are associated with each takeoff. This allows you to capture everything needed with the minimum amount of takeoff required.

With our custom assemblies, you set up each assembly by selecting items from drop-down lists. Once your selections have been made, you simply perform the on-screen takeoff. Your bid reports and material reports are instantly generated and ready to print to either Excel or pdf formats (all done within Planswift). It's that simple! If the drop-down list in the assembly doesn't have what you need in it, just go to the Lists tab, find the appropriate list and add it! You can duplicate the assemblies creating as many different preset assemblies as you want, so that with each preset assembly that you make, your estimating process becomes more and more efficient!

The deluxe EIFS system can also be customized by us to fit your companies specific needs at an additional cost. Contact us today for more information.

Purchase - $399.00 per computer.

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Purchase$399.00 per computer

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1 on 1 training available at additional cost.

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