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At Tradetek Plugins we've been working with and developing for Planswift for several years. We can help you unlock the full potential of the software. One thing that we've learned over time is that most Planswift user's have their own unique set of expectations / requirements of what they want to get out of Planswift. We work closely with our clients to first get a full understanding of exactly what they want to accomplish and then help them to implement a customization the best fits their needs.

We understand Planswift not only at a programming level but also from the standpoint of what ultimately works best for the user. We come from a background of 25 plus years in the construction industry with an estimating background in most CSI Divisions, so we understand the complexities that are unique to each trade group when it comes to setting up a takeoff and estimating system.

Whether it's recommending one of our off-the-shelf plugins, making custom changes to an off-the-shelf plugin for you or developing a completely custom system, we can help you to finally realize the maximum potential of Planswift. Are you using Planswift strictly to digitize (measure) your plans and then transferring those measurements to an Excel workbook or manually generating material and labor quantities from those measurements? We can help you to set up Planswift so that all calculations are made all within Planswift, so you perform your takeoff with our assemblies and then print your completed reports right out of Planswift.

We can help you integrate Planswift with your other business software such as ERP or POS software. This will save you a significant amount of time by eliminating manual entry of items and eliminating the possibility of human error.

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