Project Estimate Plugin for Planswift


This plugin is designed specifically for generating complete detailed project estimates right out of Planswift.  It's perfect for General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Developers, Specialty Contractors or anyone else that wants to be able to quickly and easily generate complete project estimates using Planswift takeoff software.  The system comes organized by CSI Division format as follows:

                                                                          Div. 1- General Requirements

                                                                          Div. 2- Site Construction

                                                                          Div. 3- Concrete

                                                                          Div. 4- Masonry

                                                                          Div. 5- Metals

                                                                          Div. 6- Wood & Plastics

                                                                          Div. 7- Thermal & Moisture Protection

                                                                          Div. 8- Doors & Windows

                                                                          Div. 9- Finishes

                                                                          Div. 10- Specialties

                                                                          Div. 11- Equipment

                                                                          Div. 12- Furnishings

                                                                          Div. 13- Special Construction

                                                                          Div. 14- Conveying Systems

                                                                          Div. 15- Mechanical

                                                                          Div. 16- Electrical

The fastest way to perform any takeoff is using the assembly approach.  That is, capturing all items that are associated with each takeoff.  This allows you to capture everything needed with the minimum amount of takeoff required.

With our assemblies, you set up each one by customizing it to your exact needs including adding your pricing.  Once your selections have been made, you simply perform the on-screen takeoff.  Your detailed estimate report is instantly generated and ready to print to either Excel or pdf formats (all done within Planswift).  It's that simple!  Easily make as many custom assemblies as you need!  You can duplicate the existing assemblies creating as many new assemblies as you want, so that with each preset assembly that you make, your estimating process becomes more and more efficient!

Purchase - $499 per computer or Subscribe - $29.97 per month per computer.

*Contact us for multiple license discounts*


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