Takeoff & Estimating Software for Concrete Contractors


Planswift Takeoff & Estimating Software combined with our Concrete plugins for Planswift create the most complete takeoff and estimating package available for Concrete Contractors!

Import your digital plans, perform an on-screen takeoff and print your detailed material lists right out of Planswift!  It's that simple.  Planswift is the #1 takeoff & estimating software on the market.  Combined with our custom developed takeoff tools and reports (plugins) it creates the most powerful takeoff and estimating software package available for concrete contractors.

Our Concrete Plugin for planswift is the fastest way to generate complete, detailed material lists for all of your residential and commercial projects.  Our intuitive assemblies allow for fast takeoff and instantly generate accurate material quantities for the most complex projects.  The system handles all slab on grade, elevated slabs, cast-in-place walls, footings, square and round columns, grade beams and elevated beams, reinforcing, forming and more!  


Need a more complete bidding system?  Our Deluxe Concrete Plugin has all of the capabilities of our Concrete Plugin but also allows you to generate a complete bid or estimate report including labor cost, material cost, subcontract cost, tax and overhead & profit.  The Deluxe Concrete Plugin can also be customized by our developer to meet your specific needs.

Using Planswift Takeoff & Estimating Software along with our robust assemblies and integrated custom reports is the fastest most accurate way to handle your estimating needs.

Are you still performing takeoffs by hand using a scale, notepad and a bunch of highlighters?  If so, it's time to bring your estimating process up to speed!  The fastest & easiest way to perform a takeoff is digitally, using Planswift Takeoff & Estimating Software.  Import a plan file of almost any format, scale the pages and quickly perform page after page of takeoff.  The next step is turning those takeoff measurements into item quantities, that's where our smart assemblies come in.  Our takeoff assemblies are developed so that as you're performing your takeoff, all of the quantities of the items that are part of that takeoff assembly are all calculating in the background.  No more measuring plans and then having to manually turn those measurements into item quantities.

The final part of the process is being able to get all of those calculated item quantities out of the software into a useable report.  This is where most other construction estimating software struggles.  All of our Planswift Plugins come with custom developed reports right in the software that automatically generate as you are performing your takeoff.  Once the takeoff is complete, simply click on the desired report and print it directly out of Planswift to Excel, PDF or other file format.  It's the fastest, most accurate way to estimate all of your projects.  All of our plugins are developed to be used for all types of construction including residential, commercial, multi-family, hospitality, industrial and more.

At Tradetek Plugins, we have over 25 years of hands on experience in the construction industry.  Our Planswift Plugins are developed by construction estimators, not software developers so they are very intuitive and make sense to construction folks.  Our plugins require a very small learning curve, so you'll be up and running the same day of your purchase!  Why spend months of time trying to set up Planswift on your own when you can be up and running immediately with an estimating system that has decades of experience built in!

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your estimating needs.  We'll do our best to match you up with the right system to accomplish your goals!