Planswift Residential Cost Estimates

Residential Building Cost EstimateIf you want to be able to generate complete single family new construction cost estimates with Planswift using area modified national average pricing, give our Craftsman Residential Plugin for Planswift a try.

Until now, using cost book data has been cumbersome, time consuming and confusing for most. Craftsman is a leading supplier of construction industry cost data and has been around for over 50 years. The Craftsman Residential Plugin includes all of the Planswift assemblies with built-in Craftsman pricing that you need to generate a complete single-family residential new construction project cost estimate.

Most general contractors that we talk to say that the biggest estimating struggle that they have is not being able to quickly generate accurate conceptual or preliminary cost estimates needed to sell jobs. Most builders can't afford to spend hours or days worth of time to come up with an initial estimate for a project that they many not even get. With the Craftsman Residential Plugin, you can generate an accurate and complete cost estimate with national average pricing that is modified to fit your project location in less than an hour!

This plugin works for any single family residential new construction project from smaller, simple tract homes to the largest most elaborate custom homes. Choose the project complexity, select the overall finish level from Craftsman's categories and use the appropriate assemblies to do your project takeoff. Your estimate report generates instantly and is ready to print right our of Planswift to Excel, PDF or a few other formats.

If you're an appraiser, this system along with Planswift is a fast and easy way to generate a replacement cost value for any single family residential structure from a digital set of plans.

If you're an architect, use this system to quickly generate an accurate estimated project cost for your clients projects.

There's never been an easier or faster way to leverage the convenience of cost book pricing. Simplify your preliminary estimating process and shave hours off of your overall estimating time with the Craftsman Residential Plugin for Planswift! The plugin comes with a simple 1 page user's guide and the Craftsman documentation the applies to the plugin.

Download the 14- day trial of the Craftsman Residential Plugin today and give it a try!

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